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Land Scaping Services

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Swimming Pool

Ever felt, that your backyard is missing something major? Well, if you felt so then you have come to perfect place. At SSB Contracting, we are the experts in constructing best in class swimming pool in Dubai. Whether you ask for constructing a plunge pool or an infinity pool, or anything that you are expecting to, we have a team of experienced experts who reacts eye-catchy design of pool and construct it with full passion enabling the clients to feel their own space of home a paradise.

Being one of the top-notch swimming pool contractors, we are the experts in making custom swimming pools made of concrete enabling them with best enhancements to the decor and outdoor living space, school, hotel and residential apartments. Our best designers dedicated in create unique design of pools. We are also ready to equip your pool with a selection of water functionalities and landscape features that meets your expectations and tastes. SSB Contractor’s professionals professionally configure these elements with the pool designs and ensure making your space of dream into a reality. We at SSB Contractors, are strictly adhere to be cost-efficient, budget friendly right from starting to an end of pool construction. Whether you are aiming for a infinity pool, edgeless pool, vanishing edge pool, lap pool, overflow pool, skimmer pool, you budget will be defined according to the design that you will select. 

Enabling the pool with the unique touch and feel, we also offer water features, landscape elements and special effects which boosts the design of custom pool. Not just this, we are well equipped for creating an individual in-ground pool which makes your landscape look beautiful. Our design team always stands your side, to find what your requirement is and turn your dream of uniquely designed pool into reality.

BBQ Station

SSB Contractors offers best and advanced solutions for BBQ areas of your home. Optimizing the space perfectly is an important factor while we make sure we equipped the area with right furnishings, we offer best-in-class and top-notch construction of BBQ Grills, Cabinets, Side burners and Storage areas that makes your BBQ area. We have a team of expert professionals that share their best ideas to develop BBQ area as per your choice. Dubai is unique in its own way having the best environment and BBQ is what everyone looks for within the space of their residence. If you are among such who are looking for BBQ areas or outdoor kitchens then you have come to the right place because SSB Contractors has vast experience in delivering best BBQ areas to the clients.

No matter what is the size of your space, we enable you with the best and perfect area of barbecue in all patterns or types of gardens. We have a robust of expert professionals who are experienced in making utilization of their specialty in construction to create a robust and perfect barbeque station. We adhere to build best BBQ station. By using marble, bricks, tiles and granite, we work for delivering the BBQ station as per your expectations. Along with it, we also ensure that power supply should be seamless to your BBQ and for that we ensure connecting it either with the gas bottle or with the main gas supply. If you are looking for electric barbecues where connection can be an electric socket we also have best electricians who ensure to deliver the best electric BBQ station in Dubai for you.

Walk Ways

SSB Contractors offers garden walkways design in Dubai having vast variety of design of concrete pavers, which enables the unique look and best feel of your landscaping walkways at home. Being a leading landscape stepping stone walkways company in Dubai, we help our clients with to transform their outdoor spaces and garden spaces with pavers and give the best touch to durable surface. Right from Decado Paver, Natural Stone, Light Fixtures, Santerra Paver and Dust Stone, our outdoor living experts’ works to design and create all types of outdoor patios with a wide variety of pavers. Even if you want to add old-world charm walk ways or a modern feel, SSB Contractors stands firmly with you to provide attractive pavers for driveways and walkways.

Whether it’s for individual designs or an exquisite setting, for knowing areas with a natural look, we offer the right blend with our wide range of pavers. Get the best range of walkway designs and explore possibilities of driveways, poolside and outdoor kitchens with SSB Contractors.


Being a leading and the best garden designing company in Dubai, SSB Contractors can manage and deliver all your landscape requirements and needs. Right from fencing to garden designing, and from landscaping to roofing we ensures each and every element of garden designing to be delivered perfectly. Having our own world class landscape designers and landscape architects is a key benefit in creating premium quality and best landscape design delivered for any outdoor space. Garden designing is an art that can give your outside space a unique touch and SSB Contractors will do everything to turn your dream into reality.


At SSB Contractors, we have specialized landscape architect specialists with years of experience providing landscape design services in Dubai. When it is regarding modern landscape design, which is in high demand today, we have exhibited the passionate talents in the field of landscape architecture with our specialists team, that has enabled us to create an unrivaled goodwill for understanding client needs to the core; we have always aimed to deliver customer satisfaction through our finest modern landscape design services in Dubai.


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