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Swimming Pool

SSB Contracting Company provides you with all types of construction, coloring, and other technical services. Swimming pool interior design in Dubai is another dimension of SSB Contracting Company. A swimming pool increases the visibility and importance of your villa or home. You can have a place to relax and enjoy with your family within a private space. You can also invite your friends, and relatives to share the enjoyment. If you have a swimming pool in your home, people like to visit your home. Thus, a swimming pool strengthens your social and business relationships. However, swimming pool interior design is complicated work, and only high-class and experienced professionals can do the job.

There are many swimming pools and landscaping companies in Dubai. Swimming pools and landscaping have a significant relationship with each other. Landscaping around a swimming pool gives a stunning and fascinating look to your home. Landscaping around the pool enhances your enjoyment and fun. Plants and greenery enliven the environment. Your beautifully designed house without a swimming pool and landscaping is dry and without life. SSB Contracting Company has designed countless swimming pools and decorated them with landscaping. We select top-quality plants and work day and night to boost your energy by developing a natural environment.

Interior Swimming Pool House Dubai is a famous interior design company. It is our privilege we have worked for 7-star hotels and resorts as well as elites who settled and worked in Dubai. SSB Contracting Company continuously strives to improve its standard and quality. It has developed a team of highly professional interior swimming pool designers, architects, and engineers. Selecting new contractors from thousands of contractors is a tedious job. However, SSB Contracting Company is a recognized name. You must not trust new and inexperienced contractors to construct your new interior swimming pool. Either you would face a significant financial loss or the swimming pool would have many problems, such as sinking and shifting, cracked tiles, and roughness.

SSB Contracting Company is also a trusted swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. A swimming pool requires continuous maintenance and care. Most of the time pool pumps do not work, and pool water does not move. Sometimes filter does not work properly, and you cannot clean the pool manually. Water movement is essential because stagnant water becomes an ideal place for mosquitoes, flies, and other dangerous insects. Thus, the most important part of your pool is the pool pump. Our expert technicians and engineer provide you with unmatchable and quality services. Our maintained swimming pools are happy places where you do not face any issues.

If you have, an old swimming pool victimized by poor maintenance and neglect, swimming pool renovation in Dubai can remodel or renovate your old pool. You have been tired of the inefficient services of your pool maintenance contractors; it is time to change your contractor. SSB Contracting Company provides pool remodeling services. Our standard of service is high-class and we do not compromise less than excellent work. Our clients’ appreciative words are valuable and give us the enthusiasm to improve further our quality. We do a full makeover of your pull by changing its entire look and efficiency.

BBQ Station

In large villas and homes, a BBQ station has become an essential need. SSB Contracting Company’s professionals visit your place and plan to construct an excellent outdoor grill station. It is not merely an outdoor BBQ station installed on the patio, it enhances your BBQ experience and your parties are admired and enjoyed by your friends, colleagues, and business partners. BBQ station design in Dubai builds everything, such as a grilled area, food preparation area, built-in sinks, additional electric outlets, and even protective shelter to protect you from rain and sun heat. If you want to grill and eat some delicious dishes, contact us.

SSB Contacting Company is also known as, “BBQ Station renovation in Dubai.” When you use, your BBQ station regularly, stoves, ovens, and other accessories lose their efficiency. For example, gas valves, buttons, power outlets, and other accessories do not work excellently. If you invite your friends to a party, you may be embarrassed, as your guests expect quick service and delicious cuisines. If you contact us, we will provide you complete repairing service. We give a 100% guarantee that you can arrange many big parties without any embarrassment. We charge nominally without any hidden charges.

We are recognized as the best outdoor BBQ workstation interior in Dubai. SSB Contracting Company has specialized in tailored contemporary design and modernized cooking methods. They are highly suitable and perfect for outdoor climates. Our every work and design is customized; we can plan and design every type of kitchen and outdoor BBQ station. They are according to your entertaining and cooking needs. We construct storage, which remains dry all the year; thus, everything is weatherproof. We improvise furniture designing to create more space. If you have a large space, then, there is no issue. Even with a small space, you can think about an outdoor BBQ station. We have a solution for all your problems.

Many companies present new BBQ station ideas in Dubai; however, SSB Contracting Company is the most innovative and modernized, when you plan to build a BBQ station at your home or other places. We construct additional storage modules to create more space for kitchen appliances and utensils. If you like, we can accommodate a refrigerator in your new BBQ station.  We integrate everything, such as the bar counter, refrigerator, sink, grill, and dining area perfectly. We improve your kitchen or BBQ station’s functionality by using modern techniques and methods. You can have an elegantly designed BBQ station within a few weeks.

SSB Contracting Company, as the best BBQ station design company in Dubai, loves to share our knowledge and expertise with our most prestigious and elite clients. You can work with any company in Dubai for your new BBQ station design or renovation, but we make a difference. We are completely different from other companies in terms of dealings, rates, quality, innovation, and behavior. Our team of professionals is highly qualified, experienced, and educated. They care about your privacy and family. They only do only their work in a limited and provided space. They do not ask for anything, such as food and water because they have everything along with them.

Walk Ways

Garden walkways design in Dubai has been serving you for more than a decade. We are a paving specialist. If you look for a paving and walkway tiling, and designing company in Dubai, SSB Contracting Company is your first choice. We have changed hundreds of driveways, by installing block paving, crazy paving, fences, and block paving. Many homeowners do not understand the significance of the exterior of their villas. However, you know the difference, but you look for an innovative company, like SSB Contracting Company. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our team will visit your house and we will start the work quickly.

An innovative walkway design gives your exterior a stunning and fascinating look. You can come to modern walkways design in Dubai anytime. SSB Contracting Company has many teams. Every team is a specialist in its chosen field. For example, our walkway design team consists of 20 professionals. All have significant experience in the field, and they know every secret of the trade. When you have a meeting with our team, they give you many new ideas. However, you might have your idea of walkway design. In that case, you can discuss your idea. Our specialist can highlight the pros and cons of your idea. So, we can work together.

Landscaping walkways in Dubai have become critically important for residents of villas and large properties. They have beautifully designed villas, but their poorly designed landscaping walkways give their garden and house a bad look. Our team collectively produces the highest quality. Our final product is unique and you may not find a similar design of landscaping walkways in Dubai. Our every walkway design is different from our already created walkway designs. We offer excellent service, planting plans, creative vision, ongoing maintenance, and bespoke designs. SSB Contracting Company is your partner in walkway design, pathways, and landscaping or garden walkways.

A stepping stone walkways company in Dubai constructs stone walkways. An intrinsic part of garden landscaping is to build stepping stone walkways. Garden walkways protect the grass and precious plants, and they give a dazzling look to your beautiful garden and landscaping. When you require garden landscaping, you must be careful in choosing a landscaping company. You are not an expert gardener and do not have an idea about landscaping and stepping stone walkways. You must get advice from a professional company, like SSB Contracting Company. SSB Contracting Company is a famous technical and construction service provider in Dubai.

If you are in search of the best walkways renovation company in Dubai, contact SSB Contracting Company as soon as possible. We have a highly hectic and busy schedule. We serve every client but you must make a hurry. We have many clients. We have constructed countless walkways, landscaping, gardens, pathways, and driveways. We construct everything from the scratch and we offer renovation and maintenance services. If you are not happy with the present design of your existing walkway, you can consult with SSB Constructing Company. We will change or renovate your existing walkway into a fascinating walkway.


Office design and commercial fit-out, in Dubai, is not a new trend. Dubai has become a commercial hub of international economic activity. Millions of tourists and shoppers visit Dubai every year. In such a diverse and economic organization, an organization can grow fast and reap huge profits. In Dubai, your business can focus on both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) business models. However, the success depends on professional commercial fit-outs or ordinary fit-outs. Commercial fit-outs are the overall appeal of an office. It motivates clients and customers to make decisions. SSB Contracting offers multiple solutions for congested and wide offices. We can make your office spacious, attractive, and stimulating. 


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