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Marble Polishing Services

SSB Contractors has a keen idea of marble. With the in-depth understanding of marble elements and the best approach to its maintenance and caring, we are the leading marble polishing services in Dubai. We elevate tile cleaning and other floor cleaning, with the unique methodology which is crucial for taking the proper care of this material and not with the traditional floor scrubbing. Proper maintenance and caring of the marble at your home or office is crucial so that it can shine for years. This consists of vanities, floors, countertops and walls.

This rock type usually has a softer variation than other materials, with color variations containing markings and veins. Some surfaces are tougher than others, they are all prone to etching, scratching, and lose shine if left untreated. Because of this, the regular tile and floor cleaning services don’t work.At SSB Contractors, we ensure that all your surfaces are treated with premium quality. For making the marble floor to be water proof, we ensures sanding of marble along with its proper grinding and also add sealer to it. Restoring the natural beauty of the design, we ensure to provide the best services in Dubai. 

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