Paint Services

Paint Services

Every house and office needs paint. Paint makes a difference. It makes your office and houses lively and colorful. It gives a sense of appreciation and accomplishment. Our painting service in Dubai is highly famous because of our quality and timely work. SSB Contracting Company is in the business for nearly ten years. Our experts with their professional painting skills make your house or office lively and fascinating. We give you an instant and same-day response. We offer free site inspection and note every detail. We give you a one-time final price and there are no hidden charges. If you want quality and affordable paint service, SSB Contacting Company is the best option for you.

SSB Contacting Company, as a commercial paint service has a recognized and trusted name. You do not get to paint your house or office for around a year. Painting means a lot of disturbance because of the moving of furniture. It also affects your working environment. However, SSB Contracting Company does the work smoothly and without affecting your work and life. We visit the site, and before starting painting try to understand your situation or working condition. We streamline everything and do our work systematically. If you want to make your office or house livelier and thriving, schedule an appointment or ask free site visit.

Commercial painting services near me are a great idea for the time and money saving. A painting service located nearby is a great advantage. Most importantly, local service is trustworthy and reliable. SSB Contracting Company is a local painting service and caters to all your painting and other technical needs. Whether you have to buy a new home or want to get paint your old house or office, our commercial painting services are an excellent option for you. If you do not know, which color is suitable for your villa or office, our professionals guide you regarding color and brand choice.

Our commercial paint services in UAE are famous for dedicated and quality work. Our professional painters love their work; they think they are creating a masterpiece. Therefore, they do the work enthusiastically. They paint your house and office as they do their own office or house. We guarantee you cannot find any fault in their work and attitude. They are painters, but they are qualified and educated. They know how to behave in a house. They are friendly and care about your furniture and other valuables. They do not do any moving without informing the party or the client.

If you look for the best commercial paint services in Dubai, you can choose SSB Contracting Company as your partner. We have all the right equipment and tools to do our job more efficiently. We protect your house, office, and assets, and provide the best quality service. We give your store a stunning look, we have significant knowledge about curves and crisp lines, and we know how to fill and smooth them. You will not find any line or curve after the completion of the task. We do both interior and exterior coatings efficiently and expertly.

Residential Paint Services​

Residential painting services near me serve the local clients in Dubai for many years. Non-professional and inexperienced painters cause significant damage to your home. They do not understand the significance of bubbles’ formation because of their poor work quality. Besides, they do not mix chalking completely, it extenuates like ugly marks on the wall. Initially, you do not realize the faults. After a few days or weeks, you see them. However, you cannot find the painting service again or it does not accept your claim or correct the fault. Thus, selecting a trusted and efficient paint service is a daunting task.

Nonetheless, home paint services near me never put you in difficulty. Our professionals never allow the formation of powdery salts. They prepare material efficiently and focus on color spots on the wall, dry paint split, or cracking. The formation of wrinkles is a common problem, and only experienced professionals can control it. Therefore, you select a painting service with care and reference. These issues occur because of two reasons: first, you select a poorly skilled painter, and second, the choice of paint or brand is wrong. Unskilled painters do not calculate atmospheric conditions, the ratio of salt in the air and water. They select brands, which give them commission, and they have a relationship with different paint dealers.

SSB Contracting Company is the best home paint service in Dubai. Our skilled painters are experienced in color mixing, matching, and choosing the right brand, according to the climate and salt ratio in the water. We are located in Dubai, but we serve across the country. Most homeowners are tired of getting their houses painted every year. It is a common issue because of the proximity of sea wind and salt in the air. They affect the paint and it becomes dry and it forms cracks or wrinkles. Besides, many paint services give you a wrong estimation leading to increase wastage.

As the best home paint services in Dubai, SSB Contracting Company has developed a team of highly skilled and professional painters. They have experience of many decades. They focus on details and never make a mistake in choosing the right paint, and give you accurate estimation. Thus, they save you money. Wall painting seems an easy task, but it requires skills and an understanding of trade secrets. Our painters understand the difference between interior, exterior, wall, and ceiling paint. Each of them requires different types of techniques, color brands, and materials. We use European color brushes and equipment.

If you are looking for efficient house paint services near me, contact SSB Contracting Company can serve you as a local and trusted company. We have painted many large and magnificent villas in Dubai. Most of our clients are wealthy. However, we equally respect everyone and give equal service to the rich and middle-class clients. The most significant advantage of working with us is efficiency, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness. You will not face any type of issue. Our rates are fixed but your choice of paint brands makes a difference. So, meet us, and let us start our journey of a colorful adventure.

Wall Paper Fixing

Wallpaper is an excellent substitute for color. Many people have an allergy and the paint smell makes them sick. If you want to beautify and decorate your walls, wallpaper fixing Dubai can do it for you. Many people think they can fix wallpaper themselves. It seems easy. If you do it yourself either you can ruin the wallpaper or the look. Therefore, many non-professionals have entered this industry. The experiment can cost you thousands of Dirhams. Therefore, never hire an unskilled wallpaper fixing company. Our professionals do the work smoothly without any wrinkles and stains. You must contact SSB Contracting Company, for excellent wallpaper fixing.

Generally, wallpaper fixing charges are nominal because even in large villas we finish the job in a couple of days. Therefore, you do not need to worry about wallpaper fixing charges. These charges vary according to the size of the covered area, the number of walls, and the length and width of walls. SSB Contracting Company sends our professionals to visit your place. They took the measurement and show you different types of wallpapers with varying colors and designs. You can also buy wallpaper yourself from the local market if you want more design and colors. Our estimation is honest and correct and you can verify it yourself.

Now, you do not need to search for wallpaper fixing services near me because SSB Contracting Company offers the service in your area. You may find dozens of wallpaper fixing services, but we offer outstanding and immaculate service along with competitive prices. When you contact us, you do not need to worry about anything, such as finding the best wallpaper, design, and colors. Our professional wallpaper fixers work very fast and skillfully. They are well-mannered and educated. If it is your first experience make it memorable by working with SSB Contracting Company. We assure you, that you will refer us to your friends and family members.

Wallpaper fixing works is an artistic work. It requires specific skills in using thin sticky material on the wall and wallpaper. The balance of the sticky material is critically material because an excessive amount does not dry quickly and makes airy bubbles, which makes a bumpy look to the fixed wallpaper. Besides, fixing wallpaper pieces on the wall, with sticky material is a complicated task because and smoothness of the wallpaper creates beauty and attractiveness. Our professionals work with care and dedication. SSB Contracting wallpaper fixing services are the best in Dubai. You can read our clients’ feedback.

Wallpaper fixing at home is not easy without the assistance of a professional service like SSB Contracting Company. For example, the quality and types of wallpaper affect the whole work. If you buy the wallpaper without professional advice, you may suffer a huge financial loss. In the market, you find Chinese, Spanish, Italian, other European, and American brand wallpaper. The Chinese wallpaper is cheaper than European and American wallpaper brands. Only cost-conscious customers prefer Chinese brands. Most of our clients prefer European and American brands because of their high quality and strength. We hope you would soon contact us for wallpaper fixing work.

Work Scopes of Painting Services:

•    Removing stickers and glue marks.

•    Fill up holes and cracks in the walls.

•  Using Dust sheets and masking tape to cover door, windowsills and window glass.

•    Sanding wall for fine smoother finish.

•   Painting walls from outside, outer edge and corners (Safely accessible areas only.

•    Wiping designated floor area around for possible paint drips.

•    Wipe the corners, base and edges with micro fiber clothes to retrieve its finish.

•   We guarantee glass partition and floor surface will remain protected.


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