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Technical Services

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Electrician Services

Looking for the best electrician who can perform electrical work with perfection? You wait is over! SSB Contractors offers electrician service in Dubai. No matter if it is faulty wires or aiming to set a home entertainment system, we have the electricians who can help you out in full. Our services offer you the services with full satisfaction just sitting at home and booking an electrician on your fingertips. With the best reviews, you can book an electrician without any issue. Feel free to reach us for the booking.Because of our “No Compromise on Quality” policy, we have earned a goodwill as Dubai’s leading painting service company having vast skills range. No matter painting of your home needs interior or exterior painting of a family home or office, SSB Contractors stands tall among best painting service in Dubai with the experience and trained staff to get the job done. To ensure our customers get the best quality, we only use the most trustworthy colors available.

Plumbing Services

Experienced plumbers in Dubai can assist you in resolving the plumbing problems like leaking faucets, new fixture configuring and broken pipes. Numerous plumbers are available in Dubai but getting the accurate one is crucial as it usually requires so many calls unless you can utilize SSB Contractors for getting the best plumbers in Dubai. Now, order the verified plumber via SSB Contractors and ensure to get your work done perfectly with skillful plumbers at home.


AC Repair Maintenance:

It is very important to repair your air conditioner in Dubai. A faulty air conditioner in the height of summer can quickly heat up your home unbearably and become extremely uncomfortable even in the colder months. Time to time air conditioning service can help you ensure your home stays at optimum temperature and rooms livable. SSB Contractors offers advanced AC repairing services in Dubai as we have the working professionals who know every element of AC servicing. Their hands-on experience helps them to check and service all AC issues and continue to maintain an outstanding standard of AC service in the office or home.

Plumbing Services

Experienced plumbers in Dubai can assist you in resolving the plumbing problems like leaking faucets, new fixture configuring and broken pipes. Numerous plumbers are available in Dubai but getting the accurate one is crucial as it usually requires so many calls unless you can utilize SSB Contractors for getting the best plumbers in Dubai. Now, order the verified plumber via SSB Contractors and ensure to get your work done perfectly with skillful plumbers at home.


Carpentry Services Dubai

SSB Contractors are one of the leading firms offering Carpentry Services in Dubai. We are experts in Partition Making, Furniture Assembling, Door Handles Locks & Hinges Fixing and Furniture Repairing. Being a top-notch service provider we also offer making of new cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes in your bedrooms, storeroom and kitchen. We are the leader in offering Carpentry Services for your villa, offices, home and apartment. As we have the professional workers on-board we always finish the work on time with the best budget that gives customer an immense satisfaction. Without compromising the quality, we deliver the furniture related projects which includes sofa, side tables, sofa cum bed and much more. Get in touch with us now, if you are looking for carpentry service near your location

Glass & Aluminum Works

Complete your home or office with all aluminum and glass products, with SSB Contractors Dubai. Create a beautiful shop that showcases your sense of style. Transform your home with a wide selection of colors, styles and accessories. We offer a complete range of the best glass and aluminum works in Dubai. Just search for the glass and aluminum works near me. We offer the structures that our client expects from us to reflect their style and design. Buildings that are used commercially are impactful and beautiful which shows the new culture. However, we have a robust team of glass and aluminum experts in Dubai who are professionals in working with precise and extensive solutions for glass and aluminum projects. We have the market goodwill because of offering best and highest quality glass service. However, we offer glasses and aluminum of all types and are also a professional vendor in offering products related to it in Dubai.


Wood / Marble / Tile Walls & Flooring

Being a foundation of the interior design, flooring is crucial. It also plays a crucial role in giving uniqueness, better feeling and atmosphere to the space. At SSB contractors, we offer best-in-class and vast range of flooring services from market-leading manufacturers, at the best prices, enabling your floor with the right design at your budget.

We have a team of expert professionals who deliver the best wood, marble, tiles, walls & flooring services in Dubai. It all starts with visiting your residence, and inspecting so that we can provide efficient and prompt services. Our experts’ successfully handle every kind of pattern made of wood and tile fixing. Offering the best-quality work, we are highly-experienced in homes, villas, office buildings and school. By understanding the requirement of the client we get the clear idea about what are their expectations. We install & restore wood flooring, and also take cares of marble floor and wall maintenance.  

Glass & Aluminum Works

SSB contractors’ offers best and professional modern false ceiling design services in Dubai. Enabling the false ceiling with the contemporary look gives a unique touch to your office or home space. An enormous ceiling impacts a lot on partners, clients and guests positively. We have a team of expert professionals who are capable of providing the best ceiling work for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. We proudly say that we have earned a lot of goodwill by offering the best services at the best price rates.

Supported by the highly qualified and experienced working resources, our approach is clear when it is about serving our clients with high-quality, elegant and beautiful false ceiling services in Dubai. Using the premium quality materials manufactured by premium vendors, we offer services that are done with specialists by leveraging latest technology and best tools. SSB Contractors is specialists in installing the best and uniquely designed false ceiling that are famous for attractive designs, accurate finishing and best patterns. We offer services which give shape to the design by a team of professionals who have immense skills in their particular domains.

Gypsum Works

Working with Gypsum is a crucial element of interior design. We offer unique ceiling designs that will make your home stylish and transform the interior design looks. The gypsum work and decoration should attract attention to buildings used commercially. It has to be beautiful and elegant, and we offer the designs that attract you the most. As the best gypsum service provider in Dubai, we are among the top companies in the industry by meeting customer needs. We strive to be the best every end user wants to use when building their home

We create products that breathe life into tired walls and update them to give them a majestic and elegant look. Due to the added benefits and specific properties it exhibits, it makes sense to use gypsum plasters instead of traditional plasters or topical POPs. Due to its smooth texture, the applicator becomes easier to use and improves its performance. It also saves a lot of time because the job is done faster. The end result is a smooth finish with guaranteed quality. We are one of the leading services that offers gypsum partition work which consists gypsum boards and walls installation. We have the team of robust professionals who are the specialists in particular domain and we adhere strictly on delivering the best quality material. 

Marble Polishing Services

SSB Contractors has a keen idea of marble. With the in-depth understanding of marble elements and the best approach to its maintenance and caring, we are the leading marble polishing services in Dubai. We elevate tile cleaning and other floor cleaning, with the unique methodology which is crucial for taking the proper care of this material and not with the traditional floor scrubbing. Proper maintenance and caring of the marble at your home or office is crucial so that it can shine for years. This consists of vanities, floors, countertops and walls.

This rock type usually has a softer variation than other materials, with color variations containing markings and veins. Some surfaces are tougher than others, they are all prone to etching, scratching, and lose shine if left untreated. Because of this, the regular tile and floor cleaning services don’t work.At SSB Contractors, we ensure that all your surfaces are treated with premium quality. For making the marble floor to be water proof, we ensures sanding of marble along with its proper grinding and also add sealer to it. Restoring the natural beauty of the design, we ensure to provide the best services in Dubai. 

Professional Cleaning

Getting the best cleaning services in the busiest city of Dubai, SSB Contractors offers premium cleaning solutions for commercial and residential people. If you are looking for in-depth cleaning services or any other services related to the cleaning, booking the services with the SSB Contractors is the best option you can go ahead with. We have a professional team of cleaners in Dubai who take care of everything right from post construction and renovation cleaning to upholstery cleaning which consists sofa, curtain, mattress and rugs. We also offer cleaning of an AC duct with roto brush. Cleaning the space is something which requires attention. Taking all the cleaning process in consideration, we have the robust team of cleaners who ensures best cleaning that leads to client’s satisfaction. They have got training for various equipment, top-notch cleaning chemicals and cleaning techniques. We take pride in enabling our clients with best-quality cleaning services in Dubai. With the certified team of working professionals, we offer clients with hygienic and tidy environments.


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